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Monday, November 28, 2016

Trump Claims Popular Vote Win

According to CNN, President-Elect Donald Trump is claiming that, despite all evidence to the contrary, he actually won the popular vote in addition to the electoral vote.

I have several problems with this complaint.

First, I had hoped that Trump's demeanor would change after he won. I hoped he would be more conciliatory and less inflammatory. He will not be able to govern effectively if he doesn't tone down his combativeness. He showed signs of going that route in the weeks after the election (his victory speech was a great start). But this reckless diatribe - along with his crazy Twitter rants - shows that he will continue to pick meaningless fights that will only distract him (and the country) from the real issues.

(Side note: can't somebody on his team take away his access to Twitter?!? Seriously! He does nothing but get himself into trouble on there).

Second, if millions of the votes cast on November 7 were illegitimate, as Trump claims, then it's entirely possible that the shadiness went both ways and Hillary actually would benefit from the recount that is now going on in several states. So he seems to be undermining his own cause a bit.

Personally, I think the recount thing is a waste of time. There is almost no chance that there will be enough of a change in all three of those swing states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) to change the result. At the most, Hillary picks up one of them and makes the election look a little closer. Is that really the point of the whole thing, just to make Hillary feel a little better about herself?

Buckle up, America. It's going to be a wild four years. And, yes, I mean four years. I'd bet money that Trump is a one-term president.


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